Update OPC first half of 2019

A lot has happened since the start of the year! We employed five more locals (managers and workers) and started living on the land. Besides expanding the beautiful organic garden, we started fungiculture and beekeeping, and diversified the oil plam monoculture into a densely planted dynamic agroforestry system.

We also constructed a beautiful wooden platform and a huge and solid access road! After that we were ready to pull the container we shipped from Switzerland to the top of the land. It contained a tractor, agricultural machines, a Toyota Hilux and a lot of other useful things! Another milestone was the drilling of the well; we now get rock-fresh drinking water from 40m depth to quench the thirst of humans, animal and plants.

Finally, we worked on our office building and conducted an MSc thesis about social indicators to create a baseline for measureing our progrss. Back in Switzerland we already started preparing for shipping the next container with the purchase of a Mercedes Benz transporter. If we will be able to maintain this pace, we will have a fuctioning center where we can live, learn and teach very soon! Thank you all so much for your hard work and dedication!

You get all the updates in a visual form by watching this video.

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