History & future plans



  • 2017: Development of vision and mission, start land purchase (4 acres), creation of website
  • 2018: Tax exemption, founding OPC Switzerland,  feasibility study, first organic vegetables, first members and donations, installation solar-powered irrigation system, founding OPC Ghana, employment of Moses and Israel (founding members), land purchase complete, material procurement container (incl. purchase tractor)
  • 2019: Start construction, MSc thesis social indicators, purchase Toyota Hilux, shipping, customs clearance & transport container, start living on the land, employment of five more locals (managers and workers), start fungiculture and beekeeping, construction access road, drilling well (40m deep, drinking water), planting dynamic agroforestry system, work on office building, purchase Mercedes Benz Transporter

Next steps

2019 and beyond

  • 2019: Establishment of further solid structures (compost toilet, renewable energy plant, living space, community kitchen, food processing centre, restaurant, herbal clinic)
  • 2020: Vocational training and expansion of interventions