Organic vegetable, spice & medicine garden

Organic vegetable, spice and medicine garden

Having been employed by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Switzerland for more than five years, and being a passionate gardener himself, the President of OPC Switzerland will spearhead the installation of a perennial plantation, as well as an elaborate vegetable, spice and medicine garden. We will plant perennial crops such as cashew nut, cocoa, coconut, coffee, oil palm, plantain and rubber. In addition, fruit trees such as avocado, banana, citrus, and mango, medicinal trees such as Moringa, fertilizer trees such as Gliricidia, as well as high value timber trees such as Emire, Odum, Ofram or Mahogany will grow on the land, providing shade, food, fibre and medicine. However, the centre will still purchase produce from the local community, and thereby ensure information exchange, strengthen local markets and foster sustainable crop production in the community.