Moses Awiagah (Kobi) appointed as the new Principal Farm Manager at OPC!

October – 2018.

From 01 November 2018, we appointed the agricultural expert Moses Awiagah as our new Principal Farm Manager at OPC, Akwaaba! Since the agricultural component of OPC is now starting to take off due to the kind help of our interns Delphine Piccot and Pablo Bovy, Moses will make sure that we maintain and enlarge our garden and the oil palm agroforestry system at Busua. Furthermore, he will oversee operations of a larger project of mechanized arable food production in the Volta Region (near his hometown) that we will kick-start in 2019 with the shipment of a container with a tractor and agricultural machines from Switzerland. We are planting seeds, so we are excited to see them sprout in 2019 and beyond!

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