Delphine Piccot and Pablo Bovy, market garden specialists

Since August 20th, we can count on the help of our two new volunteers Delphine and Pablo. They are both master students at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, Delphine in environmental science while Pablo is studying agronomic sciences. Arrived on site with lots of energy and ideas, they are warmly welcomed at OPC! They will stay in Busua until mid-December.

By collaborating with members of OPC Ghana, their first objectives are as follows:

  • Establish a productive vegetable garden
  • Set up cultivation trials to develop a production schedule and optimize the use of biodynamic preparations for the regulation of diseases and pests
  • Develop and implement a drip irrigation system for the garden
  • Study soils and their fertility in order to develop suitable and sustainable practices that guarantee a water and nutrient supply for plants
  • Terrass and improve areas in order to make vegetable production possible
  • Conceptualize and build the first permanent structures

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